Independently operated, we mix superior customer service, with 32 years of repair experience. We want you to understand that our goal is to return to you,  your Mitchell 300 reel in great working condition, ready for more fishing action for many more years, and at a fair price. We also work on the 301, 350, and 410 models as well

Do not send in any Mitchell reel if it does not say "Made in France". Any reel sent in that is not made in France will be returned as is. Only 300, 301, 330, 350, and 410 models please!

Disassembly and cleaning

When your Mitchell reel arrives, it will be evaluated for initial function, then disassembled, and cleaned with industrial cleaners that will not remove original paint. All parts are inspected for breakage, and wear.

Send no money upfront, a total cost will be sent to you via email for your approval.

Part Replacement, Lubrication, and Adjustment

All parts that are no good will be replaced. The reel will be lubed with a combination of Cerulean grease and Reel X. The reel will be tested, and adjusted for proper function. The anti reverse lever is not replaceable. 

  • Place reel inside baggie before boxing
  • Put name and address inside baggie
  • PayPal accepted here
  • Personal checks accepted
  • Canadian orders accepted
  •  Check must be to Fair Associates Inc.

Base cost for clean, lube, and tune is 19.95. Replacement parts are extra, as  well as shipping costs to, and from Elkhart Indiana. Do NOT require a signature for delivery, but do insure your package just to be on the safe side.

Is your handle wobbly?

If the handle on your reel has become loose because the bushings in the cover plate are worn out, we can remove the old bushings, and put in new ones.  Cost for this is 15.00.

We do not repair any other brand of reel, and do not sell just parts. There are other people who do that well.

We are in the market for good parts.

Well built, and Built to Last

When we do start back up things will be handled differently. If you have a reel you want repaired, you will need to contact us first. We will send you an  authorization number that you will write on the outside of the box, and include inside with the reel. This will hopefully keep us from being overrun by people sending in 18 reels at a time that they want fixed so they can resell them. This will also keep people from sending reels that are not made in France. (You know who you are)

 No legit authorization number, we don't even bother to open the box, and just send it back.